What 52 Projects Taught Me About Crowdfunding

By Alison Faulknor Behind every great heritage place is a passionate group of people united by a shared conviction that their place matters. One of the great joys of helping to organize This Place Matters, the National Trust’s new crowdfunding platform, is the opportunity to get to know these people and their projects. Since the … More What 52 Projects Taught Me About Crowdfunding

The Greatest Freedom Show on Earth

His name was Walter Perry. They nicknamed him “Mr. Emancipation.” Born in Windsor in 1899, this great-grandson of slaves drew thousands of spectators to his hometown of Windsor, Ontario, from both sides of the Canada/U.S. border. Frustrated with the brawling that the festivities had become known for, Perry reorganized it in 1935. “I called together a group of forward-thinking Americans and Canadians, and we had the nucleus of the celebrations as we know them today. Some would refer to it as “the Greatest Freedom Show on Earth.” There would be parades; midway rides; children in papier-mâché masks and convertibles full of waving, young girls — each vying for the title of Miss Sepia in the weekend’s beauty contest. The event even attracted the talents of Motown, with performances by The Supremes and Steveland Morris — better known as Stevie Wonder. … More The Greatest Freedom Show on Earth

Membership Has Its Privileges

The old saying “membership has its privileges” is quite true, especially if you are a member of the National Trust for Canada. For as low as $40 a year, a membership with the National Trust provides free admission or discounts at historic sites in Canada and at hundreds of National Trust Properties in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Scotland, Jersey, Australia and … More Membership Has Its Privileges

This Lighthouse Matters – One Year Later

National Trust for Canada’s Regeneration Project Leader Rob Pajot updates us on the This Lighthouse Matters, one year later. Last July, we announced the nine winners of the hugely successful This Lighthouse Matters competition. Even from our offices here in Ottawa, we could feel the excitement being generated in Nova Scotia, as small groups rallied local … More This Lighthouse Matters – One Year Later

Notes sur le patrimoine au Québec

Au Québec, la devise «Je me souviens», bien qu’elle soit née de l’architecture de son Parlement, ne s’est pas toujours traduite par une attention clairvoyante envers le patrimoine et ce, bien que le gouvernement québécois ait été le premier des provinces canadiennes à s’être donné une loi pour le reconnaître et le protéger. C’était en 1922 et on parlait de monuments historiques. … More Notes sur le patrimoine au Québec

Protecting Indigenous Heritage: Lessons from the Past

When the Truth and Reconciliation Commission released its Final Report in December 2015, it acknowledged the importance of Indigenous heritage and the need to reconcile past injustices and provide future protections. For the past 23 years I have been fortunate to work in the heritage field, first as an archaeologist and, more recently, as a cultural heritage strategist, where I’ve witnessed this need first hand. … More Protecting Indigenous Heritage: Lessons from the Past