Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Summer Student

ycw collage

Hiring a student brings a wealth of benefits to heritage organizations of all types. Here are just a few:

1. Renewed Enthusiasm

Young people will jump at the opportunity to gain valuable experience working on real-world projects while still in school or new to the job market. This can bring new life and energy into your project.

2. New Ideas and Knowledge

Students and new grads bring new ideas and fresh knowledge. Technology and techniques advance with every graduating class- why not incorporate what these students have learned!?

3. Accomplish Your Goals

There is always that project that we say we would accomplish “if only we had another set of hands.” Well, here is your extra set of hands! Get that project off the books and into action.

4. Engage Youth

Provide a young person with the skills they need to enter the workforce in your field of work. Smart employers who invest in training students can snap up the best new talent once they’ve completed their studies!

5. Get Funding for Your Programming and Projects

The Young Canada Works (YCW) program will cover up to 75% of a student’s wages for up to 16 weeks of work. That’s a lot of bonus funds coming your way! Act now and gain that extra set of hands.

The deadline for applications is this Friday, January 15th, 2016!

To learn more about the Young Canada Works program, click here. Have a question about YCW? Contact Kevin Parker at:  (613) 237-1066, ext. 240 or

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