Say hello to locale

locale (Winter 2017)
locale (Winter 2017)

By Natalie Bull, Executive Director, The National Trust for Canada

The National Trust’s magazine got a fresh new look in time for a milestone year, and a new name – locale – signaling our love of local places that matter.

Does the appellation locale surprise you? We think it helps hitch our wagon to the local movement, shake off some of the baggage of the “h” word (heritage) and strengthen our focus on places where something special happens.

Our cover is a departure too, with a human being up front instead of a historic building or site. Ultimately, heritage advocates are in the people business, and we know the value of high-profile champions like Jonny Harris in helping people see heritage through a new lens.

Longtime members may recall past covers that also featured champions – icons, even: Tommy Douglas, the pioneering politician who later joined our Board of Governors; a bearded Farley Mowat grinning into the camera; and a striking photo of Phyllis Lambert in denim coveralls gracing our June 1980 issue. (We could not resist reprinting that cover image on page 6). Ms. Lambert, still a force to be reckoned with almost 40 years later, celebrates a milestone birthday this year and inspires the Canadian Centre for Architecture’s milestone exhibition Phyllis Lambert: 75 years of work.

I believe these historic places have the power to teach and inspire us, delight us, or move us to tears. They help us remember who we are and where we come from.

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    Gail B in St. C.

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